Research Projects

Projects: Since 2010 the center has a number of funded projects from various governmental agencies such as VGST, DST, DRDO and ICMR A typical listing of such select projects is enunciated below
Investigators Project Titles Funding Agencies
PI: Dr. Padmavathi TCI: Dr. Usha M S Studies of interaction of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) on Lycopersicon esculentum and Capsicum annum plants DST – SERB (2011-14)
PI: Dr. Sunil More Purification and properties of Insect selective Na+ channel inhibitor toxin from Palamneus gravimanus Indian Black scorpion venom : Development of Potent Biopesticide SYMSR (VGST, Karnataka)(2011-13)
PI: Dr. Priya L Synthesis and characterization of polymer compound semi conductor nanoparticles for opto electronic properties’ SYMSR (VGST, Karnataka)(2012-13)
PI: Dr. Sudha Deshmukh Establishment of a Bioenergy research lab as a part of the Dept. Of Biotechnology, SoS KFIST (VGST, Karnataka)(2012-14)
CI: Dr. Bindu O.S.(Collabaoration with NIMHANS) Multimodal approach to evaluate the efficacy of enriched environment in ameliorating early maternal separation induced changes in brain function: A morphological, biochemical and behavioral study in rats ICMR(Sanctioned)(2013)
PI: Dr. Varalakshmi NCo. PI: Dr. Vani R Potential of selected microbial pigments & cancer therapeutics: an evaluation on human cancer cell lines DST-SERB (2013-16)
PI: Dr. Vani R Studies on oxidative stress in erythrocytes isolated from different blood groups stored under blood bank conditions SMYSR (VGST, Karnataka)(2012-13)
PI: Dr K.G.L. Bhatt [CET]PI : Dr.Sudha Deshmukh CI :Dr. Aranganatahan Development of biofuel cell test bed & prototype for MICAV applications. DRDO (2013-15)
PI: Dr. Kumudini Belur Satyan Accumulation of host defense compounds during induction of resistance against ragi blast disease DST-SERB (2016 - 2019)