Clean-up Drive at Siddarabetta 2022

About 100 kilometres from Bengaluru, Siddarabetta is a location endowed with rich vegetation and abundant life. Acknowledging the importance of preserving and keeping clean such a scenic destination, Mr. Upendra Sharma U.S., Dr. Altaf Ali, and Mr. Manjunath chose Siddarabetta as the location for conducting the clean-up drive initiated by the NSS Club of JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) - School of Sciences and CAARMA. The clean-up drive which took place on 13th August 2022, had 41 students and 3 faculty members.

Like every good expedition, this one began with a delicious meal before everyone boarded their vehicles. The trek to Siddarabetta, which is in the Tumkur district, was a thing of beauty. Until the eyes could see it, the foothills were covered in farmlands and water. The term Siddarabetta comes from the tradition where the water originating from the uphill streams could heal any illnesses. The hill was the residence of many priests who were skilled in using the medicinal plants that grow there to cure people of their illnesses (siddhars). The ascent was packed with adventure and excitement, and the experience was, as many would say, "priceless." The team went to the cave temple, where nature outdid modern architects by creating a sophisticated edifice in a complicated environment.

During the clean-up drive, the team collected 11 bags and about 30 kgs of plastics and other non-biodegradable items by working their way downward. The youngsters during the trek were saddened to see the amount of trash dumped in such a peaceful setting. The trek and clean-up drive was a learning experience for all as in addition to cleaning the area they got to know how important it is to keep such areas clean to preserve their natural beauty. The collected garbage was taken back to the university for proper and secure disposal.